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    At the border of time, a new country. Vast. And new challenge, immense. Burning heat of the desert. The engines roar in convoy. Ambush, counterattack, acceleration. Invictus triumphs effortlessly and advances to glory. Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend Eau de Parfum is a flamboyant duel. Two forces clash. Cool adrenaline rides a swirl of hot woods. A powerful fragrance. Exciting like a victory. Intense spicy-woody. Made for victory. A storm of wood and red amber. Metallic freshness blows through the scorching heat of the desert. INVICTUS LEGEND indestructible. The ultimate hero. Made for glory. Intense spicy-woody. On the fire.

    Two forces clash: fresh adrenaline and powerful, warm woods. First force, the temperature rises. Metallic geranium, green bay leaf, salted grapefruit. The invigorated freshness of flamboyant spices. The second heat wave is unexpected. Like a desert hell of smoky guaiac wood, red amber and addictive honey. Maximum excitement from all sides. Sensual strength. Description of the bottle A trophy for the winners. Lacquered glass, dark as night, topped with chrome. Bold as victory. Made for legends.

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